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    NOTE: There is FREE SHIPPING on over 2500 products in 85 of the 114 collections offered on 3Dstereo, after the low-cost postage (shipping) charge for the first item purchased.

    You'll find 3Dstereo's shopping basket straight-forward and easy to manage. Instructions guiding you through the process are hopefully few and clear; operation is intuitive. As you tour the site, you can review your basket's contents, revise your purchase whenever and as often as you like, and monitor a running total. When you are finished, just click on CHECKOUT. If you prefer, you can place your order over the phone 702-838-7015.  Our hours are M-F 10AM-3PM [Pacific Time].

    Once you put your item into your cart, it is NOT taken out of inventory, so until you check out, that item is available for sale.  Another customer can put it into their cart and the first person to check out will be able to purchase that item. This is important for ONE OF A KIND products

    3Dstereo doesn't have a minimum order nor a minimum order charge, but so you may save on the shipping costs, we encourage you to combine your very small orders into larger ones. We offer almost every manner and type of shipping.  We ship products that vary widely in size and value, and not necessarily in relationship to one another.  These combinations produce a great variety of conveyers, weights, rates, zones, values, and degrees of express delivery.  We offer many of these variables on the 3Dstereo.com store, and they are available to you when you, so you may choose your shipping method upon checkout.  Other means of shipping are available, but will require you to contact us to make arrangements.

    3Dstereo may sometimes be able to pack an order that will result in less shipping expense for our customer.  3D stereo will pass on this savings to the customer in the form of a credit.

    Unclaimed Orders:
    Unclaimed orders will be refunded minus all shipping charges and a possible, up to a 20% restocking fee.

    Undeliverable Addresses:
    Returned orders marked "undeliverable: because of ambiguous or incomplete addresses supplied by customer will be refunded minus all shipping charges and a possible, up to a 20% restocking fee.

    Refused Orders:
    Refused orders due to accidental double ordering by buyer, changes of mind, or any other buyer error will be refunded minus all shipping charges and a possible, up to a 20% restocking fee.