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    3D Anaglyph Glasses

    3D Anaglyph Glasses

    3d glasses. 3d glasses

    Anaglyph glasses achieve the 3D effect by covering each eye with different chromatically opposite colored filters. while viewing the two different images similarly filtered, resulting in only the one intended image being able to reach the intended eye. Then the eyes and the brain take over producing one three-dimensional image.


    For red/cyan - 
    We recommend our ProAna(tm) Plastic Glasses for the least Ghosting

    Anaglyph glasses are produced in a variety of color filters. The necessary rule is: MATCH THE COLOR OF YOUR 3D ANAGLYPH GLASSES WITH THE COLORS OF YOUR 3D CONTENT.

     When naming the type of 3D anaglyph glasses, the color of the lens covering the left eye is its first name, followed by the color of the lens covering the right eye.

    Anaglyph glasses are available in economical, one time use, paper frame glasses and re-usable plastic frame glasses

    paper & plastic frame:
    red/blue, red/cyan, red/green
    magenta/green (Trioviz)
    amber/blue (Color Code)
    green/magenta (Trioscopic)

    Some cardboard framed anaglyph glasses have been produced in themed subjects, for special occasions, or to accompany the sale of 3D content (video & DVDs). See these selections in the category, 3D Themed Glasses

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