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    Welcome to 3Dstereo's new third-generation store.
    We have 4,300 product offerings now, with approximately 2,000 more offerings to go.

    We thought that a few helpful hints may assist you through your journey at 3Dstereo.

    The top categories divide the store into major collections.  Many of these have drop downs, and some even swing out with more specificity for quick ease of touring.

    But don't forget the search function may always be a quick path to your interests.

    Our third-generation store contains a comprehensive means of viewing a product collection. Towards the upper right, there is a "Sort by" box with a drop down menu:

    Alphabetically A to Z;
    Z to A;
    Price High to Low;
    Low to High;
    Date Listed Old to New;
    New to Old.

    Make use of these handy sort features, for quicker navigating.

    When presented with products in a collection, and you wish to add them to you shopping cart, there are two ways to add to your cart.

    1.) Click on the little shopping cart logo in the upper right corner of the product picture, or
    2.) When on an individual product detail page , click on the handy "ADD TO CART" bar.

     In the effort to keep selection of inventory as accurate as  please take note.

    Hundreds of offerings on 3Dstereo are unfortunately the only one currently available. When you place a product in your cart, the product is still available for sale on the store. Not until you complete your checkout will the product be removed from availability and reserved for you.

    Happy 3D Touring!