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    View-Master Hand-Lettered Reels- 4th Generation

    Hand-Lettered Reels - 4th Generation

    Reel Nos. 4-667

    All of our "white hand lettered" reels come with their appropriate sleeve and are in excellent condition, unless noted

    Hand Lettered Reels were manufactured with both concentric and linear labeling as seen from the samples. 

     The earlier styles are the concentric ones. The images are the same with some exceptions. Later, the linear lettering was used.


    Over the years, the reels have been exposed to moisture, dirt, and many destructive elements and thus the images may have suffered some degradation.  This shows up as violet spots on the images or sometimes as dark areas.  We make note of these conditions and discount the price of the reels accordingly. Each reel that we sell is inspected.


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