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    3D Postcards & Gift Cards

    3D Postcards

    Gift Cards
    Offering a pair of beautiful lenticular Gift Cards  (Tags) produced in Germany which are colorful and of high quality that will delight people of all ages.  Give them with a gift.  Attach the card with a ribbon and you can write a personal message on the back.  A hole is conveniently located for a ribbon to attach. Each card measures 3-1/2" x 2." You will be remembered for giving this outstanding item.  The different styles are morph, 3D and motion.


    Lenticular 3D images or auto stereograms have a unique quality among 3D formats. Lenticular prints can be viewed in 3D no glasses needed, which result in a more realistic and powerful image.

    What makes these postcards so different? 3D postcards take the flat scene and bring it to life. If you close one eye and look at the scene, it does not seem complete. Open both eyes and the world is alive. 

    Some of our 3D Lenticular Postcards are designed by Juan Carlos Espejo, a Spanish graphic artist and illustrator. Currently living in Berlin, he designs for a German postcard company. His artistic styles include Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modernism and Pop Art. His 3D lenticular cards are very desirable.  Look for them. 



    Art Astronomy & Space Christmas & Easter Domestic Animals - Pet
    Van gogh Postcards 3D Christmas 3D postcard easter eggs 3D postcard Labrador Sleeping 3D Postcard
    Flowers General Geography Humorous
    lady bug on flower postcard I LOVE YOU 3D postcard europe map in 3D postcard dalmatian dog pooping 3d postcard
    Marine Animals  Prehistoric/Dinosaurs Religious Reptiles & Amphibians
        jesus christ last supper 3d postcard
    Scenic Greetings Wild Animals Wild Birds & Insects
    westminster bridge 3D postcard Happy Birthday 3D postcard grizzly bear 3D postcard eagle 3D postcard
     Aurora Northern Lights Fairy Tales -Vintage  Zodiac  Risque
    3d Fairy Tale postcards  
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