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    Sample of "magentized (RED TINT) (magenta) image" from Can't Stop the Music Packet

    Toward the end of the 1970s, and up to View-Master's sale to a group called View-Master International in 1981, GAF, the manufacturers of View-Master, stopped producing View-Master images on Kodachrome film and choose to use another type of film.  Some have speculated that this film was Ektachrome while others believed that it was an Ansco film.  Whichever film was used, it very soon lost its original vibrant color. The images have "color shifted" or "magentized" as seen in the example above. But the sharpness was never lost.

    Sadly for collectors, many of the 3 reel packets made during this period were made only during this period, and are only available on this "non archival" "color shifted" film. King Tut, Mr. Lincoln, Knights in Armor as well as many other special topics, movies, and TV shows are such examples not found in any full color View-Master versions.

    Therefore, collectors accept the fact, that to collect these special titles, they will have to collect  images with non archival film. And although they lack the full color that is so significant among View-Master images, collectors are able to enjoy their clear and sharp images in fantastic 3D. Many collection non-opened packets or sealed packets for this reason.

    Also, there are View-Master reel titles whose production started before and during the non archival film period, and/or whose production was during and continued after the period of non archival film use.  Thus, these are available in both full color and the "color shifted"  images. Titles such as Peter Pan, Snoopy, Wizard of Oz, and many others are such examples. When both full color versions and "color shifted" versions exist, the "color shifted" versions are regarded as having less value, and 3Dstereo always sells these versions for less than the full color version. Sometimes, reels have been found to have a mixture of a non-kodachrome reel with Kodachrome reels in a single packet. 

    To aid the collector, 3Dstereo always designates when reels are non archival and "color shifted.  by using the designation "nk. "  And 3Dstereo will designate when a title was never made with a full color version, and only a "color shifted" version exists when we have this information.