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    Meopta Viewers & Reels

    Meopta Viewers & Reels

    Meopta 3D reels were produced in Czechoslovakia in the 1950s. Images were produced both on low and high quality film. The images on the low quality film have faded (film dyes fade and images take on a magenta hue yet they remain sharp).  The images on the high quality film still retain their brilliant colors. We have noted this in our offerings of reel descriptions.

    In disregard for Sawyer's View-Master patents Meopta flourished throughout Eastern Europe. And today, Meopta reels remain very desirable because of their scenic subject matter featuring locales in Eastern Europe, never covered by Portland's nor Brussels' View-Master production. They show an unvarnished Eastern Europe that View-Master would never think of showing and so their images are more real and true to life.

    NOTE: All Meopta reels are viewable in any View-Master type viewer.

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