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    A word about "bubbled or glue blistered " reels...and violet areas on images:
    Reels that look like the one above, have been exposed to moisture and the top surface of the reel has "puckered" leaving a pebbly surface.  For years these were referred to as "glue blistered", but as the bubbling has nothing to do with glue, the term "bubbled" has become the favored description.  Most often, the moisture exposure does not effect the image, but when severe, it does and it's very easy to identify. You will see a violet area on one or more of the images.  The film emulsion in this area has severely been degraded. At this time, we don't know whether this degradation will continue. It is also possible to have a violet area without bubbling on the reel itself. But the two generally go together - moisture and degradation.

    Bubbled reels can be collectible - But the value of the reel or packet is significantly lower:
    Collectors will buy "bubbled" reels and packets, when fine examples are hard to obtain, often with eventual upgrade intended. Or collectors will purchase "bubbled" reels merely to enjoy the reels at great savings. Collectors should never purchase or accept "bubbled" reels at premium prices, no matter what the scarcity.

    About our Collector Grade reels...

    "Bubbled" reels or reels with violet areas can never be Collector Grade. 3Dstereo doesn't offer  such reels under the title of Collector Grade. However, 3Dstereo will offer scarce reels that are "bubbled" or have violet areas, but they are always designated Bargain Grade, with defect described in the description, and priced appropriately.