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    Special Occasion & 3D Themed Glasses

    Special Occasion & 3D Themed Glasses

    Special Occasion and 3D Themed Glasses are eye-ware for those special times, printed or marked so that the world can see that you are wearing just the right glasses for that special occasion.

    Eye Witness Glasses™: Transform any bright point of light into amazing inspirational images delighting people of all ages. Eye Witness Glasses are brilliantly printed in full color with Scripture and easy to read directions on the back. Great for Sunday school, youth groups, Vacation Bible School, concerts, church camp and parties. Witness to the masses with three different interactive lenses: Jesus, Cross, and Ichthus (Fish). 

    Happy Eyes Glasses™: Seeing is Believing! Happy Eyes™ Instantly transform Christmas lights, fireworks, candles or any bright point of light into magical messages. We offer many different glasses - each with a different message. Made of quality cardboard.  Happy Eyes amazing holographic glasses are great for party favors, greeting cards, teacher/student gifts, package decorations, holiday gifts, holiday light displays, corporate gift giving or fundraising.

    The Decoder Glasses  Feature specialized lenses that decode the secret messages you hide in your custom printed material. It’s a great item for party favors.  Instructions for how to make SECRET MESSAGES, check out instructions on YOUTUBE. show what message is underneath.  Without the glasses, the message is not seen.  Great idea for party invitations. 

    Dr. Who Cosplay Glasses: Make a statement in or out of the Tardis.


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