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    Tru-Vue Filmstrips - Depth Photography

    "Depth Photography" Tru-Vue Film Strips

    "Depth Photography" was the title of the "sampler" film strip produced in Rock Island from 1935 up to the end, their sale to Sawyer's in 1950.  What is not generally known is that there are at least 6 different versions of "Depth Photography."

    (The Tru-Vue "sampler" strips produced from company's beginning in 1933 up to 1935. . . . . . .well, that's another story)

    Each "Depth Photography" version contains a partially different selection of images.

    Classification of  the versions:
    Three different copyright dates are found on the title frames: MCMXXXV; MCMXXXX, and MCMXXXXII. Additionally, at the very end of each film strip is the production date of the strip,  printed, type-set, or rubber-stamped on the master just before the start of the production run. Production dates span from 1935 through 1950.

    Version Summary: differing images noted:

    • Version 1: MCMXXXV (-35/-40): Boulder Dam high angle; Day at Circus, clowns; Yellowstone Old Faithful; Animals of the World; Statue of Liberty; Venice; Washington D.C. statue.

    • Version 2: MCMXXXX (-40/-42): Close-up Mt. Rushmore; Goldilocks; Boulder Dam low angle; Miami; Brookfield Zoo; Finland.

    • Version 3: MCMXXXXII (-42/-43): West Point Military Museum; South America Marketplace; Edison Institute -Greenfield Village; Banff National Park.,

    • Version 4: MCMXXXXII: (-43/-44): Beauty of Hawaii; Keep 'em Flying.

    • Version 5: back to  an older copyright date: MCMXXXX (-45/-46): White House; Mud Gardens -Yellowstone; Aquarium; Golden Gate Bridge; Lake Louise.

    • Version 6: MCMXXXX (-46/-50): Indian Silversmith; Cyprus Gardens; Carlsbad Caverns.
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