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    Stereo and Specialty Lenses

    Stereo and Specialty Lenses

    Make real stereo images with your own digital SLR digital camera, using the Loreo Stereo Lens on your camera body in place of any lens, while using your very same, regular memory card, computer, software, and printer that you use for 2D prints.
    Selecting the right Loreo Stereo Lens is easy, you only have to match four criteria:

    1. SLR Requirement: As the Loreo Stereo Lens goes on the digital camera body IN PLACE OF a standard lens, your camera must be a digital SLR camera with removable lens capabilities.

    2. Mount Match: Currently, Loreo make Stereo Lenses with lens mounts to fit digital camera brands as: Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Pentax, Samsung, Konica/Minolta, Sony, and Olympus. You must choose the Loreo Stereo Lens with the matching mount for your camera brand.

    3. Lens Model Choice: Loreo makes three lens models:

    • Loreo made a Macro Stereo Lens for close-up stereo photography
    • Loreo made a larger "New Model" Stereo Lens with a slightly longer focal length, equivalent to a portrait lens - 9005A
    4. Sensor Match: Digital camera bodies are manufactured with different sized internal sensors, match one of three sizes:
    • a). 3/4 Frame sensors (crop factor 1:1.5 or 1:1.6); Canon; Nikon/Fuji; Konica/Minolta; Pentax/Samsung; bodies
    • b). 4:3 sensors; Olympus/Panasonic bodies
    • c). Micro 4:3 sensors, Olympus/Panasonic bodies

    CAVEAT: There are no longer stereo lenses that fit Full Frame Sensor camera bodies nor Film Camera bodies

    But, it's that easy! Just find the Loreo Stereo Lens listed below that matches your camera brand, choose the Loreo Lens Model you desire.

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