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    Tru-Vue Card Viewers & Cards

    Conceived at the Sawyer's View-Master Factory after their purchase of the Rock Island, Illinois' Tru-Vue Company, The Tru-Vue name lived on for a new product line.

    The Tru-Vue Card System was geared to be an economy product line available in a greater number and types of retail stores.

    The significant difference was Tru-Vue cards did not use the costly Kodachrome film in production. The film used, after just a few years, faded as the dyes in the film were not of the archival quality of Kodachrome. As a result, colors faded and were lost to a remaining magenta hue, referred to as 'magentized'.

    But the subject matter and affordability kept the product viable for over a decade, and today remains collectible for imuch of its subject matter is available nowhere else.

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