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    Stereo-Rama Viewers & Reels

    Stereo-Rama Viewers & Reels

    Stereo-Rama 3D reels were produced in Milan, Italy in the 1950s and 1960s by Technofilm. Images were produced on Kodachrome film, so they have maintained their color.

    After the first year as a licensee, Technofilm continued in disregard for Sawyer's View-Master patents and terminated license, Stereo-Rama flourished throughout Italy. And today, Stereo-Rama reels remain desirable because of their scenic subject matter featuring locales in Italy, all in good color, plus a wealth of pin-up and nude glamour reels, of which subject matter View-Master refrained.

    NOTE: All Stereo-Rama reels are viewable in any View-Master type viewer.


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