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    3Dstereo.com, Inc.
    1930 Village Center Circle
    Ste 3
    Las Vegas, NV 89134



    telephone contact hours
    10AM to 3PM [Pacific Time]

    If you have a question about your order, a return, or general inquiry, please contact us by sending an email to <orderhelp@3dstereo.com>. With this email, you will be able to reach us directly. We strive to respond to all such contacts within 24 hours or sooner.

    Telephone contact is welcome, although more difficult, During our telephone contact hours 10AM to 3PM [Pacific Time]  - Monday through Friday: 702-838-7015, the line may often be busy with our serving other customers and/or instructing equipment installations, etc.

    Telephone messages may be left, but emails responses tend to be more rapid.