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    View-Master Printed Reels - Fifth Generation

      White Printed Reels - 5th Generation of View-Master Reels
     The fifth generation reels, 1946 to 1960, are characterized by "typeset" lettering on bright white paper which came to be called Printed Reels by collectors. Each reel has its own unique number, beginning with the number 4 and manufactured with a variety of face styles, early styles not having caption numbers. This type of reel was produced for the longest duration and hundreds of reel titles are available only in this style of reel. So Printed Reels usually comprise the major style of reels in a View-Master reel collector's collection.


    These are the reels that were sold through the View-Master catalog and at retail stores.  In that era, View-Master photographers traveled the world taking images, bringing to you scenes of places you just visited and wanted to remember, or places you just dreamed of visiting, all in 3D stereo, just like you were there in the picture - scenes,  which are now so changed or long-gone.

    Over the years, the reels have been exposed to moisture, dirt, and many destructive elements and thus the images may have suffered some degradation.  This shows up as violet spots on the images or sometimes as dark areas.  We make note of these conditions and discount the price of the reels accordingly. Each reel that we sell is inspected.

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