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    Circular 3D Polarized Glasses

    Circular Polarized Glasses:
    Function for viewing 
    all passive 3D TVs; Disney Digital/Pixar 3D movies in the theaters; Dolby Digital movies; one-third of Imax 3D movies; and more Circular polarized glasses have a horizontal linear axis (left and right). They have a retardance range of 140nm+/- 20nm.


     quality 10-ml polarizer film

    Polarized 3D glasses are known for their superior quality 10-ml polarizer film. Our Circular Polarized 3D glasses contain light gray filters for viewing slide shows, multi-media displays, movies, and some passive polarized televisions. With the circular polarized 3d glasses market heating up, there is no better place to get them!

    Minimum order 50 glasses. Sold in increments of 50. 

    Quantity      Price

    50+               $1.00

    250+             $.90

    500+             $.85

    1000             $.75


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