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    NG Bookmarks, Magnets

    Lenticular 3D images or auto stereograms have a unique quality among stereo formats, lenticular prints can be viewed stereoscopically without optical aids (special lenses, glasses, or filters). This ease of viewing makes lenticular prints with their myriad applications, widely popular and entertaining for all ages. A lenticular image is a combination of multiple input images overlaid with a lensing material to provide a sense of depth movement, or other change depending on how the input images differ. And this is all due to the thin plastic lens with its lenticules, permits lenticular printing a variety of variations such as a morph, flip, animation and 3D. An example of each is illustrated below. For more technical aspects of this technology, please refer to the myriad articles on the internet.


    3d postcards 3D postcards 3D morph postcards 3D Postcard animation
    3D - motion is used to illustrate how stereoscopic images can be viewed FLIP the effect used to show several distinct images one after the other. MORPH - the complete transformation of an image melting into another  ANIMATION - See the fluid motion of an object





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